Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Carter-Merkel Wedding

I am embarrassed that I am just now giving you the details of Megan's beautiful wedding that was in early July! Gasp. Let's just pretend you didn't notice and move on, shall we? So Megan was for sure one of the most laid back brides I have ever worked with. She is so sweet and laid back and pretty much followed my lead on the planning. It made my job fun and easy! When we started planning the wedding we pretty much chose the date based on the availability of the reception venue and she knew that she wanted to have her ceremony at Lake Marvin. Well, little did we know that this would be the driest and hottest summer on record so unfortunately it was not the plush and green oasis that it usually is. We had a gazebo brought out from Lee Ann's Imports here in Canadian as well as some ferns. Courtney Jane's put together some flowers to hang from shepherds hooks down the aisle. It was very simple and beautiful and of course the center of attention wasn't the decor anyways, it was the beautiful bride and her groom! 
There reception immediately followed the ceremony back in Canadian at the Jones Pavilion. First, I'd like to say that I will no longer recommend summer weddings. That tip is for free. There is a chance that you will have 108 degree weather in Texas and that is exactly what we had that day. There also aren't any air conditioned options in Canadian when you're expecting 250+ guests. All of that aside, considering the Pavilion is pretty much a huge metal barn it turned out really nice. One of my favorite parts was the photo booth. I did manage to post a few pictures from that right after the wedding. Megan's had a vintage theme and her colors came from peacock feathers - turquoise, brown, green and we threw in some splashes of navy for fun. At the entrance of the pavilion we hung burlap from floor to ceiling and Megan found a great idea of hanging pictures on twine with paper clips so she took on the task of hanging the pictures and it was such a cute and personal touch. We had the gift table along with some goodies for the kids and some candy for the guests. We also hung some white pom pom balls on the opposite side of the burlap that added a whimsical touch. 
Coloring books with crayons, bubbles, card games and goldfish for the kids!
As I mentioned earlier Courtney Jane's Shop, a local florist, did the flowers and they turned out beautiful! We went with a vintage wild flower look and used spray painted cans for the vases. We did both round and long tables, the long tables had a strip of burlap running down the center and the round tables had a square of burlap for the flowers. Some tables also had lighted branches that were a fun way to add some romantic lighting rather than using just candles. 
In all of this good sometimes there can be a bad so I have to share that too. For the cakes we had planned on having three cakes and each cake would have a different number of layers. The brides cake would be the largest with three layers then there would be two grooms cakes with one and two layers and they would all go on cake stands. Well, I have come to the conclusion that the cute cake stands you see in all of the pictures have fake cakes sitting on them. There is no way that real three+ layer cakes can be held up on a stand. They're really really heavy. So here is a picture of the adorable stands that the cakes were supposed to go on...
(Sorry for the awful lighting, there is a reason I'm not a professional photographer)
and here are the cakes as they had to be displayed. They were still beautiful but it broke my heart that we didn't get to use the cake stands. I also learned a lesson that next time if this is the look we're going for we'll have some fake pretty cakes for these plates and we'll have the real deal in the back. Free tip #2. You're welcome. The cakes were done by the super talented Shelly Harris from Perryton. I highly recommend this lady, she is good. 
Last but not least is my favorite part that I mentioned above... the photobooth! I'll let the pictures speak for themselves. Fun, cheap entertainment for your guests and you get some awesome pictures after it's all said and done. The setup was pretty easy and inexpensive too.
A special thanks to Megan and her family for including me in the planning process of their special day! I loved getting to be a part of it all! 

Here's a list of the great vendors who made it a successful and beautiful day! 
Catering & Bar - Ruby Tequila's, Amarillo, TX
Flowers - Courtney Jane's Shop, Canadian, TX
Chairs - Franks, Pampa, TX
Cake - Shelly Harris, Perryton, TX
Photographer - Terry Peak, Perryton, TX
DJ - All About Music, Amarillo, TX
Gazebo - Lee Ann's Imports, Canadian, TX
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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Dessert Buffet July 4th Style

Before you get the wedding details lets back up a little for a brief look at the Canadian River Art Gallery grand opening reception! We had our grand opening on July 3rd and 4th so for obvious reasons I went with a red, white and blue theme! This one was a lot of fun since it was my event I got to pick everything out how I wanted it. Gilissa Murray did an amazing job incorporating red and white in the food. We had white patriotic star meltaway cookies, red velvet and chocolate cake pops, bite sized cheesecakes with raspberries and strawberries on top and my mom made some delicious strawberry lemonade mini cupcakes! Everything was a hit in both taste and presentation. A special thanks to Ronny for helping me hang the pom pom balls!
We were so very fortunate to have internationally acclaimed artist, Gordon Snidow, join us for the opening. Snidow and his wife, Grace, are such a dynamic duo. Not only did they very graciously make the trip just for our opening and also brought books and posters to sale and donated the proceeds to a local charity, Lone Star Angels. They made the weekend very special for us. Here is a picture of Grace and Gordon with Chelsie and I. It was a fun and memorable weekend! 
Happy belated 4th of July everyone!
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